What is Respite Care?

Respite, in a word, is a break.  It is a rest from your care taking duties that allows you to manage stress and attend to yourself.  For Respite to be most effective, you should consider respite services much earlier than you think you will need them. Respite is most helpful if you use it before you feel exhausted, isolated, and overwhelmed by your responsibilities. Respite services can be beneficial, meaningful, and enjoyable to both the caregiver and the care receiver

Also, respite is most effective when family caregivers have sufficient and regular amounts of respite time. Give careful thought to how you want to spend your respite time. Respite needs to be meaningful and purposeful for caregivers to fulfill their needs and plans, as well as safe and enjoyable for the care receiver.

Don’t wait to take your break. You may also benefit from additional financial support, education, emotional and social support, and a sense of belonging with others, but respite will give you the best chance to step back and recharge.

To assess your own need for respite and to ensure that you are making the most of your respite time, please feel welcome to contact us with your questions.  We can help you go through your needs and design a plan for your respite time.

Serenity Respite Services

Our services provide a stable environment and smooth transitions which allow both you and your child to grow and thrive. Serenity Respite gives you the gift of time to do what you need to do and time for your child to learn and develop some of their inner strengths.