Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a framework that reminds us how essential it is for caregivers and our care recipients to live within a social context of community. At Serenity Respite our services are designed to enhance existing family roles and strengths and we strive to meet the needs at every level as we engage the individual in a continuum of support that equips them for holistic development. The diagram below presents these as overlapping relationships showing the services we provide to meet needs at each level:

Every person has abilities that warrant specific development within themselves. At Serenity Respite we believe in each person there is a gift – a spark that, when supported and nurtured, ignites and enables the individual to manifest the fullness of their individual calling. Through our respite services we work to harness the energies embedded in every caregiver we encounter. We believe that a self-actualized caregiver (parent or relative) creates a conducive home environment for the care recipient to thrive in.


Serenity Respite Services

Our services provide a stable environment and smooth transitions which allow both you and your child to grow and thrive. Serenity Respite gives you the gift of time to do what you need to do and time for your child to learn and develop some of their inner strengths.